art365Drahoslav Solta is a painter and artist. He emigrated in May 1989 from Czechoslovakia. After his Europe traveling, he decided to settle in the south of Spain, where he got a political asylum. It was exactly in Spain, where he succeeded in painting. This decision and the place of working have seemed to have a significant influence on the painter’s creation.

The artist Drahoslav Solta has worked for some renowned galleries around the world. His paintings were seen in exhibitions in Prague, Malaga, Milan, Marbelle, San Francisco, New York and some other big cities.

The greatest success and fame won him the London Exhibition at The Royal Society for British Sculptors in 1999.

Contact to artist:
Art manager: Janka Musilová
Phone: +420 603 430 276
E-mail: artmanagerds@gmail.com

Please take a look at his painting on www.drahoslavsolta.com

A few selected examples of his colorful art:

Drahoslav Solta

art365gallery.com - Drahoslav Solta - no2

Drahoslav Solta

Drahoslav Solta

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