art365Tim Hallinan is a painter and mixed media artist from the United States. He studied landscape architecture and urban design.

Tim likes to experiment with various media and different subjects. In a creation of an artwork he uses various techniques, e.g. scraping away old layers and add new paint on top of prior compositions and continues with this process until the painting appears on the surface.

The act of scraping away and adding layers will sometimes take the idea in a completely new direction and resulting in a painting which only vaguely resembles his original intention. These layers represent his process and makes great art.

Contact to artist:
Email: tjhallinan@gmail.com

For more information, please visit www.timhallinan.com

Social media:
Follow Tim on Instagram: tim_hallinan

A few selected examples of his art:

Tim Hallinan

Tim Hallinan

Tim Hallinan

Tim Hallinan

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