art365Vanessa Strong is painting with passion. 15yrs ago She lived next door to an artist. He was a painter and She would watch him for hours and loved everything about his approach. One day She came home, he had bought her a set of paints and canvas… That was really the beginning.

It’s been three years now since She been avidly painting. It has been wonderful therapy through her hardships… A wonderful hobby turned into an inescapable passion.

Vanessa is inspired by color, nature, texture and experiences. Most of her work is mainly done with the use of a ruler and some brush work combined

Contact to artist:

Find more of her art at instagram: @vstrongart

A few selected examples of her art:

Vanessa Strong - Vanessa Strong - no1 - Vanessa Strong - no6 - Vanessa Strong - no5

Vanessa Strong - Vanessa Strong - no4

 Vanessa Strong

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