art365Ira Repey is a fine artist born in Mogilev in Belarus and since 2004 She lives in Salzburg, Austria. Ira is specialized on pen-and-ink drawings.

In her view imagination is another kind of reality. The reality is more than we can sense. The imagination inspires us and gives us another – spirited reality. With the results of her art work, She wants to open up the people seeking a magical, transcendent view of the world.

Her Russian soul tends to be romantic, melancholic and dreamy.

In 2014 Irina was awarded to the Karl-Weiser-Prize (Karl Weiser was an important Austrian painter on 20th century).

Contact to artist:
Irina Kendlbacher
Saint-Julien-Str. 7a, Top 13/14
5020 Salzburg
Mobil: +43 (0)650 50 50 113 (Management: Christoph Kendlbacher)

Please take a look at her ink drawings on

A few selected examples of her drawings:

Ira Repey

Ira Repey

Ira Repey

Ira Repey

Ira Repey

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