art365Juliana Do (b. 1975) is an visual artist born in Bulgaria. She is living in Austria and works from Vienna and make some fantastic and colorful paintings.

Juliana’s art combinations are endless. It’s based on a simple method of creating, point, line and stain. Her abstract art is the perfect platform for exploring the nature of her consciousness, and the contemplative timeless questions of transcendence and spirituality. We really like her works.

Contact to artist:
Email: julianado@julianado.com

Social media:
Follow Juliana on Facebook: julianado.art
Follow Juliana on Twitter: @1JulianaDo

Here is a few selected examples from her series “Spectrum”:

spectrum IV 150x130cm oil on canvas

spectrum III 150x130cm oil on canvas

serenity 100x100cm oil on canvas

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